The Healing Workbook (PDF)

The Healing Workbook (PDF)

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This workbook contains 45 therapeutic activities organized in seven sections, including Understanding Grief, Self-Care, Healthy Ways to Cope, Receiving Support, Family Relationships, Remembering Your Loved One, and Moving Forward.

Each worksheet has three sections: What to Know, What to Do, and Reflections on This Exercise. 'What to Know' offers background information about the issue(s) being addressed in the worksheet. 'What to Do' features a variety of exercises, including thought-provoking questions to answer, charts to track activities, and questionnaires to complete.

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About the Author:
Angela M. Doel, M.S., is a writer and director of operations at Between Sessions Resources. She has served in various clinical supervisory positions and worked as a family therapist. Ms. Doel earned her M.S. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds an advanced certificate in nutritional counseling, and her areas of specialization are health education and eating disorders.

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