The PTSD Workbook: A Journey to Resilience and Beyond (PDF)

The PTSD Workbook: A Journey to Resilience and Beyond (PDF)

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This groundbreaking workbook goes beyond the traditional treatment for PTSD, which has largely focused on helping clients get rid of their symptoms. The PTSD Workbook reflects new research which has shifted our focus from just treating symptoms to guiding victims of trauma on a journey following the path of resilience towards developing the psychological skills for a happy and fulfilling life.

With more than 50 worksheet and exercises, the workbook covers areas of treating PTSD that are often overlooked, including:

  • Dealing with hallucinations
  • Sleeping, eating, and sexual disorders related to trauma
  • The effect of trauma on memory
  • Handling impulsive behavior
  • Depersonalization and derealization
  • Communication issues
  • Building trust
  • And much more . . . 

While the book is best used in conjunction with psychotherapeutic treatment, it will also be useful to people with milder symptoms of trauma to start their journey to resilience and beyond. This workbook will serve as a “master-class” for therapists treating clients with PTSD as well as a toolbox of highly practical techniques.

About the Author:

Tijana Mandic, Ph. D is a clinical psychologist with broad expertise in psychotherapy and the author of six books on various aspects of clinical treatment. Her background in treating trauma victims ranges from treating refugees of war to victims of natural disasters and political turmoil. She is also known for her participation in many humanitarian projects including the Open Society Foundation, Save the Children Fund, and the International Organization for Migration.

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