Therapist Digital Workbook Bundle
Therapist Digital Workbook Bundle
Therapist Digital Workbook Bundle

Therapist Digital Workbook Bundle

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In this digital workbook bundle, you will receive the following downloadable digital workbooks:

1. Measuring Psychological Change: 40 Forms for Tracking and Understanding Client Progress (c. 2023, 63 pages). This 63-page workbook includes 40 tracking and data collection forms to be used in session and between sessions.

2. The Motivation Workbook: 20 Psychological Techniques to Help You Overcome Your Problems & Live a Happier and More Fulfilling Life (c. 2023, 84 pages). This workbook has 20 techniques to help people find the motivation they need to change. Motivation is a much more complex issue than most people realize, involving at least 12 areas of the brain. This workbook goes well beyond popular psychology concepts of visualization and affirmations. Using evidence-based techniques, the workbook helps people set goals, increase flow experiences, improve self-efficacy, overcome doubt, and more.

3. The DBT Assignment Workbook (c. 2020, 218 pages). This workbook offers 50 worksheets that will help clients learn strategies to manage their emotions in constructive ways, instead of turning to overeating, alcohol abuse, practicing unsafe sex, overspending, lashing out in anger, or other harmful behaviors. The worksheets complement the content you and your clients cover during your appointment, by providing homework for them to do between sessions. This workbook is divided into techniques covering each of the four DBT skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Each worksheet is written specifically for clients, in a manner that is practical, user-friendly, and easy to understand. While no single worksheet is effective for everyone, we are confident each client will discover techniques that inspire change.

These workbooks are instantly available to you when you complete your purchase. 

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