The Penguin Who Lost Her Cool

The Penguin Who Lost Her Cool

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Penelope Penguin is a good student, a great diver, and a terrific friend. She just gets angry sometimes. Actually, she blows her cool frequently, several times a day.

After a particularly unpleasant scene, Mrs. Fishswallow, Penelope’s teacher, says, “Young Penguin, march yourself right down to the ‘Chill Out’ Room! You know we don’t allow fighting at the Coldwater Elementary School!”

Mr. Waddlewell, the principal, is really upset with Penelope, too. “Penelope, tomorrow is the Coldwater Elementary School Diving Competition. If you have any more problems with your temper today, you will not be allowed to participate.”

Penelope must learn to control her anger. With the help of friends and a new, anger-control behavior, she just may be able to do it and stay in the competition . . . .

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