The Chimp Who Lost Her Chatter

The Chimp Who Lost Her Chatter

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Some children are born with a shy and quiet disposition. Other children go through periods of shyness, particularly when they are faced with new social situations. Many psychologists think of shyness as a type of fear—a fear of being embarrassed in front of others. Although you can tell children that there is no need to feel embarrassed, most children (or adults for that matter) cannot change their behavior easily.

This engaging book tells us about Charlotte, a playful chimp who becomes shy when faced with the wild antics of the other chimps in her new school. She is so shy that she won’t even raise her hand in class or play with any of the other chimps. Fortunately, Charlotte gets invited to join the Friendship Club, run by Mr. Hairyfoot, the school counselor. There she learns how to introduce herself to new friends, how to keep calm when she finds herself getting nervous, and even how to make a phone call to set up a play date. With a little help, Charlotte once again becomes a playful and fun little chatterbox.

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