Organizational and Group Memberships - Between Sessions Software

Organizational and Group Memberships - Between Sessions Software

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Group memberships to Between Sessions include two amazing websites - our Library of Tools and our Client Progress Accelerator - with features that have been shown to improve every aspect of your therapy or counseling. 
Your clients make faster progress, get more meaning from their therapeutic work, have a stronger therapeutic alliance, and get concrete tools they can use for years to come.

Once you purchase the annual membership, we’ll send you your login credentials to the email address you provide when you order - within just a few hours.
With our Library, you'll get:
  • 2,000 therapy tool downloads for clients of all ages
  • A new evidence-based tool added every weekday
  • Tools include evidence-based worksheets, ebooks, printable games, audio files, and more
  • 200 modifiable forms for practice management
  • Tools created at member request for free (just ask!)
With our HIPAA-Compliant Client Progress Accelerator, you'll get:
  • Built-in Assessment (we now have Problem Checklists for adults and high school students, and more are being added soon)
  • Software that creates a workbook to use as a blueprint for therapy
  • Feedback Forms - which have been shown to build a strong therapeutic alliance
  • Easy Progress Notes Writer
  • Coming Soon! PDF Filler
Your clients will love these revolutionary tools that you will bring to your practice, and YOU get:
  • The freedom from spending hours searching for worksheets and homework assignments
  • An easy way to get feedback from clients with just a few clicks (which research shows are the #1 way to build a therapeutic alliance)
  • Fewer no-shows
  • Fewer therapy drop-outs
  • Tools to build your practice - you can literally "write" your own book for your practice in less than an hour!
We will set up your Between Sessions memberships within a few hours. We'll email login credentials to each user once your account is active. Simply submit your purchase order when you checkout, and include users' names and email addresses.
Discounted memberships for schools, groups, and agencies:
  • Purchase orders can be used for 2-10 users, or for a school or site-wide license.

  • Purchase orders are for discounted annual memberships only and are charged at the following rates

  • For 11 or more users, please contact us: