Remote Control Impulse Control Game

Remote Control Impulse Control Game

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  • A fun, unique way to learn impulse control with the buttons of a remote control.
  • Helps all children acquire and practice three specific skills to help control their impulses and make good decisions.
  • Cooperative and competitive ways to play for 2-5 players.
  • Engaging and educational with two decks of cards (appropriate for ages 6-11 and 12-15).
  • Fun for the whole family! Parents will enjoy playing with their children.
Recent research strongly indicates that impulsive children have difficulty (1) learning from past mistakes, (2) reflecting on the potential consequences of their actions, and (3) inhibiting dominant responses (impulses) in order to initiate subdominant responses (appropriate behavior).

The Remote Control Impulse Control game is a set of four card games that address these findings by focusing on three essential skills for inhibiting impulsivity:

STOP and redirect behavior.

REWIND and learn from past mistakes.

FAST FORWARD and think ahead about potential consequences.

The game uses the above remote control symbols to facilitate learning the skills. There are both competitive and cooperative versions for Ages 6 to 10, and 11 to 14. The two age groups have separate sets of cards.
During the game, players read brief case studies adapted from the impulsive behavior of real kids. Players then practice one of the three essential skills: They STOP and say what they would do instead, or they REWIND and tell about a similar impulse that they had and learned from, or they FAST FORWARD and describe the possible negative consequences of the impulse. All players practice all three skills during the course of the game. In addition to practicing the three skills, players practice planning ahead and social skills as well as exercising frustration tolerance.

Playing time:
Flexible, from 25-50 minutes.